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Wedding DJ Near Me

  Weddings Packaged and Ready to Go

Did I hear someone ask Is there a wedding DJ near me in the tri state area? If so, and it was you, rest assured that if you're getting married in Pennsylvania, New York, or New Jersey, your search is over. Not only will I gladly travel to your wedding venue, but ask anyone who knows me where I can get the best dj packages in the tri state area, and they'll all point you in my direction, to me DJ prime.

And what do I get when I book a Prime 1 Productions wedding? Yes I heard you, but the better question to ask is what don't you get? First of all my ever-expanding catalog of sounds includes every type of music you might want, not just the old stand-bys. And as for what else you get?. Just ask, and you shall receive.
How about an LED DJ booth or photo booth? And perhaps premium lighting, TV monitors, and wireless mics? How does a fog machine and a projected custom monogram sound? Depending on which dj package you decide on, any or all of these can be part of your gala reception. And of course, no matter which you choose, you get prime DJ services, featuring yours truly. And be warned, I may just break out some of my prime dance moves. After all, why go to a wedding if you're not going to get up and dance?

If you'd like to find out which of the best DJ packages in the state area is the one for you, contact me so we can meet face to face for a complimentary consultation.

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