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Custom Monogram

  Custom Monograms Enhance Memories

A couple's wedding day is one they want to remember forever, so when they engage me to be their dj I make it my mission to create a striking atmosphere to clothe their memory of a day that all too often slips by in the blink of an eye. Now I know what I'm about to say is the last thing you'd expect to hear from a DJ, but a wedding reception is about much more than the music. For most people memories are visual not aural, we remember what we see more than what we hear. So, when people, both the guests and the couple of honor look back in years to come, they won't picture my music, no matter how much they enjoyed it, they'll remember what they saw.

And this is why I also offer enhancement services to complement my DJ packages and serve as a visual backdrop for my music. These include premium dance floor lighting to create a mood, dramatic rainbow uplighting to augment it, and a fog machine to provide a touch of romance. However the enhancement service that has turned out to be the most popular is the one that visually brands the day as the one when the bride and groom became an official couple. I'm talking about a custom monogram, projected on the wall in HD color or black and white, showcasing their names or initials and of course the date. But it can also be any symbol or monogram that has special meaning for them.

Since this custom monogram serves as the couple's special stamp shining on the dance floor wall throughout the celebration, the one everyone in attendance will see in their memory when they look back on the day, I encourage them to put a lot of thought into its composition. And if they wish, I can sit down with them to come up with the perfect color and design.

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