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DJ For Events

  Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself. I'm a DJ of Musical Means

Hi, My name is Robert. But most people call me DJ Prime. One thing you should know about me is I love weddings. Big weddings, small weddings, outdoor ceremonies in gracious gardens, intimate funky venues, you name it, I've done them all. But don't get me wrong, no matter how many weddings are in my future, never ever will it be a matter of being there, done that. No matter how many weddings I do, all my energy goes into each. For those precious few hours I am more than just a wedding dj in the Tri state area, I'm proud to say I am part of countless couple's lives.

But not only the lives of the bride and groom, but all their relatives and friends, of everyone in attendance - whether they're out on the dance floor, or watching from their tables. And as for those seated few, as the night progresses,my mission is to get all those seats emptied out one by one, as my music spins its spell. Whether it's R&B, Bollywood, World Music, Disco, Country, old Time rock and Roll, Latin, Pop, Jazz, or even classical, sooner or later I get to each and every guest. And if all else fails, there's always The Wobble, Electric Chicken, or the Cupid Shuffle. Why I've even been known to get out there on the floor myself, breaking out some of my storied moves. In fact, sometimes I pick up a thing or two from a wedding dancer out there grooving to my music.

So I guess what I want to say is if a wedding is in your future, I'd like for it to be in my future as well. When I say I DJ for events , I mean everything, not only receptions, but also rehearsals, after parties, even the ceremony itself. So let's talk. Tell me what you see when you see your big day, and I'll see that it happens.

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