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Lighting For Parties

  Big event Coming Up? Ask and You Shall Receive Whatever You Need

Over the years I have received inquiries about whether I go beyond supplying music and DJ services; whether I can provide lighting for parties and a production team for events in Philadelphia and the greater tri-state area. In other words can I supply the accoutrements needed to make any occasion, a night to remember. (Or a morning or afternoon if desired). Never one to shrink from a challenge, I have gathered a team of local lighting experts, local photographers, and local videographers to supplement my DJ services.

I always tell clients the best way to custom design their event is to involve me from the get go. I like to compare putting on an event to putting together a real life jigsaw puzzle. Together, we throw ideas back and forth, explore all the possibilities until we come up with the makings of an epic celebration. In other words, we work to come up with only the right pieces to solve the puzzle. If you 're wondering what these puzzle pieces look like, one could be a photo booth, another a fog machine. Other options include LED booths, custom monograms, TV monitors, and even a percussionist. Once we have all the right pieces, the next thing to do is to outline a timetable for the event, and once they're satisfied, I tell the client their job at this stage of the game is done while mine has just begun. They can go on to all the other details that need seeing to.

Now, if you're reading this, am I correct to assume that you have an event coming up? If so, let's get together for a complimentary consultation so we can talk about what I can do to create the best atmosphere for your wedding , engagement party, birthday party, quinceanera celebration, Sweet 16, bar or bas mitzvah. Have I left anything out? If I have, don't worry, whatever it is, I can provide a professional level of services to bring your vision a reality - from beginning to end.

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