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Local DJ In Philadelphia

  I'm a DJ for All Seasons and Reasons

When people hear that I'm a local DJ in Philadelphia they sometimes jump to two faulty conclusions. Number one that I only DJ in Philadelphia; and number two since people equate DJs with either weddings or clubs, that I only do weddings and clubs. The reality is that my "local" encompasses a large area, essentially the entire tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. And while I specialize in weddings I am known also as the DJ for Birthday Party in the tri state area. So if you or a friend or relative has a birthday coming up, perhaps a milestone one, and you'd like to commemorate it with musical memories that will last forever, I am your man!

You're going to be busy enough, with planning a menu, deciding where to hold the party, sending out save the days and invitations, why not leave the music and entertainment up to me, DJ Prime? Ask anyone I've helped celebrate their special day and they'll tell you I have the music to suit their tastes and if I don't, it doesn't exist. From Caribbean to Bollywood to African; Classical to Country Jazz, R&B, or Rock, Dance and Disco. my music defies anyone to remain seated. And if there's any music you don't want to hear, for any reason, just say the word and you won't.

So please keep me, DJ Prime and Prime 1 Productions in mind next time you are thinking about celebrating a birthday in Philadelphia, or anywhere in the tri-state area.

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